14 November 2010

Thanksgiving Accessories "girl style" #14

Thanksgiving Accessories
I have issues with hair accessories and bracelets! I have a hard time sticking to just 1 or 2 bows per outfit.. I already shared the PIE clippie, but ETSY has hundreds and hundreds of way cute ones! These were my favorite's.. but I am being good, I already made her the pie and a turkey headband.. tempted but being good!

is way cute, love the monogram, and could be used for Halloween too!

OH the cuteness of this one!! And one of my favorite etsy shops, we have a few from them and the quality is amazing!

This little pair is adorable, would be awefully cute on a pair of pig tails!

I love the sweet little writing on these!

I also have a small huge love for bracelets that match and are unique or one of a kind.. our little smooshy loves to wear them, some days it's an all out fit if she doesn't have one on!

Now these can get expensive but worth the occasional splurge!

The other thing I like is buying 1 bracelet and multiple exchangeable charms.. charms like these

All sources are linked right to the pictures if you see something you love!

Tomorrow some boy stuff!


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