12 November 2010

Thanksgiving #13.. Porch Stuff!

I am a fan of porches! I like that they are the first place any guests and visitors will see and it is a whole new place to decorate! Our porch is pretty small and feels more like a patio because there are no steps up to it. But I still decorate it occasionally. But with no rail or steps I was struggling for places to put the FLUFF!  We added these little window boxes that get NO sun.. and I have yet to get anything to grow in them! So I just keep them filled with some dollar tree moss over some dirt and replace what is on top! Right now I have little pumpkins in 2 styles, white and the little very round ones.

I am not feeling like I am that great at porch decorating. All I have are those little pumpkins and some other pumpkins from the various trips to the pumpkin patch, oh and our "year round" wreath that I made HERE, and it looks HORRIBLE, because the birds love it, they have picked about half the moss off and the "G" has been pulled off a few times.. it needs help, it looks pitiful!
So I am on a mission to find some non Halloween-y Fall porch fluff for next year! These are what I have found so far:

Like these pumpkin topairy sets (think it's too late to catch funkins on clearance?!)

I especially like the address one!

And I like this porch, but without the crows, they are a little too Halloween-ish for me.
via Pottery Barn

This wreath is cute too, and ours really needs replaced!

Better Homes and Gardens has a whole section on wreaths, this one is my favorite over there.

We also have these chair cushions that are the perfect color.. hoping to find something coordinating!

really really bad picture though

Any ideas, links.. aything? HeLp!!

And since it's naptime here, I am off to work on my organizing Friday  project.. eek.. see the before at the bottom of THIS post!


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