11 November 2010

Thanksgiving #11

I am cheating and using a repeat, but it's a repeat I still love and think would be cute for any little girl on Thanksgiving!
My first post was here.

but thought I'd give a quick how to (without pictures)
I bought 2 peices of wool felt at the fabric store (scrap peices, they were much less) 1 in the tan color and the other dark brown.
I free handed on paper the pie top shape and a bottom, but you can always print something off too.
Then I just traced it onto the felt and cut it out.
I used a leftover peice of embroidery thread to do the stitches on the crust and a red rhinestone for the cherry.
I used jewelry glue to glue the snap clip to the pie bottom, on the back, then glued the pie top on and let dry.

It's pretty simple and you can make them any size!


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