08 November 2010

More Thanksgiving snacks day 7

If nap time goes well I should catch up today! First though, I wanted to find some snacks that I can do ahead AND aren't JUST sugar like all those cute cupcakes!

Like this Cute Cute paperbag made into a turkey full of popcorn. So cute! From One Charming Party

 Or doughnut hole acorns? How easy too.. just dip them in a little chocolate (or nutella, or PB) then nuts and a little pretzel stem!

via Family Fun

And there are THESE ones from the woodland/squirrel party..

A pumpkin or melon and a pear turned into a Turkey with fruit kabobs!

via Better Homes and Gardens

These little apple turkeys are great, you can still just about anything on them!

What themed snacks are you planning?


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