15 August 2010

Squirrely's 1st Birthday!

There were SOOO many pictures thanks to Michelle at Casual Camera Photography! Here are some of the details of Sydney's Squirrel/Woodland party!

One of the snacks... Hershey Kiss acorns in Target's $1 section adorable buckets!

Part of her Banner!


Cupcakes with acorns!

Cupcakes with Toppers!

S'mores pops, water bottles and CUTE Picture Tree!

Pink S'mores Pops!!

Water Bottles

Friends showing off the cupcake toppers!

Sydney did a GREAT job with the cake.. what we all hope they will do.. fling frosting and cake all over with a HUGE smile!!

This is the cleaned up birthday girl and her sweet mama!!


And this is my smooshy with a chocolate milk muscratch (in big brothers words!)