14 September 2010

Fall Cleaning Bathrooms

Like I said.. they are my least favorite!! But ignnoring them won't make me like cleaning them anymore!
Not much different from spring cleaning!

What IS different this time for me is

~getting a warm smelling candle or plug in, and

~Finally getting rid of ALL the kids bath toys.. they can use their own bath now that it's all prettied up, in case you missed it it's HERE!

~Instead of just stocking up on q tips and bandaids.. also making sure I have the right shampoo for winter and crazy staticy hair!

~I am also going to make sure we are all set for the colds and nasty bugs that come with back to school and fall/winter! We shouldn't have to do much since (knock on wood) other than strep throat for me NO ONE has been sick in our house since before the baby was born! But checking in case some have expired!
Trying to get them done by the end of this week! Just a week and half to go for me to get everything done!
Bedrooms next week!


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