11 March 2010

Spring Cleaning Bathrooms

It's my least favorite of them all, and we have 3!! Most times I am thankful we have 3.. When it comes to cleaning them, not so much!

~I start with the purging again! Towels that are past their prime, way past get sent to the rag bin. Makeup that is past the expiration date or that I haven’t used gets dumped too.
~After that I start with the shower.. We have glass shower doors and they get dirty no matter how often I scrub them! So I am starting the spray on them so they can soak. I heard some people put rain-X, like for windshields on their glass shower doors and it helps.. Not sure if I will try it yet. Something has to make it easier though!
~Start the rugs in the washer
~Scrub scrub scrub around the toilet.. I use a toothbrush (that looks NOTHING like anyone’s just to be safe) they are cheap at the Dollar Store I think it’s either a 5 or 6 pack. Vinegar and water help break down the grime.
~Once I have it pretty scrubbed I do a good once over with the portable steamer.
~After I scrub the shower with the magic eraser and get it as sparkling as it’s going to get I rinse and then use drain-o or liquid plumber to help keep the drain working well.
~Polish the cabinets
~Vacuum and steam mop before the rugs go back down!
~Check your supplies.. Q-tips, band-aids all that other first aid stuff.. You all stocked up? If not try to catch them on sale.
~I also try to avoid having to buy shampoo and all that stuff every other month. I wait until it is on sale or I have a good coupon (preferably both) and stock up so it’s a once a year or every 6 month thing.
~Now is a good time to replace toothbrushes also!
~If you keep your Towels in a stack, move the ones on the bottom to the top to make sure they are getting equal use.
~The mirrors aren’t on my spring cleaning list because I do them every week.. I think it’s easier if it doesn’t get too dirty.
~It’s not really cleaning but I usually try to get some new candles.. Something that smells fresh and springy but not too strong!

The bathroom doesn’t take that long but it sure isn’t fun.. Up next for me is bedrooms.. I don’t think my routine will change much from this one last year.

Just 9 days until Spring!!  I am hoping to be all done in the next 2 weeks so we can ENJOY Spring!


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