09 July 2010

Kids Bathroom Project


The kids bathroom has had the least amount of attention since we moved in almost 3 years ago. No new shower curtains or anything, I planned to used the same set (Which I think is way too girly now.. but not sure what I would do instead) But didn't know what else to do in there.  The wall with nothing on it was 8 feet.. HUGE wall with nothing but 1 out of place weird (ugly) towel bar!  After thinking for a while and adding another baby to share the bathroom I thought a peg board topped beadboard style wainscotting would look good and work well!  I am planning on painting 3 canvas's solid colors ( the blue, gree and pink, 1 for each kiddo) to go above the pegs, and adding some uppercase living bathroom vinyl stickers on them. There is a toothbrush, hairbrush and soap that are not too detailed, very simple and will stand out a little I hope!  The project was fairly inexpensive and did not take too long, just lots of paint!



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