16 February 2010

Hope Everyones Valentine's day was great!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!! We stayed home and tried to relax! Made some cute biscuits.. and I cheated, I used the premade biscuits this time.. And I made the stew in the crockpot.. It was much easier this time.. and leftovers are JUST as good! Our kids are quite the little cookie monsters... so we made sugar cookies and decorated them.. The frosting is powdered sugar, milk, marshmallow flavoring (I was out of Vanilla) and a little Light Corn syrup.. I think it makes them a little more shiny! And my favorite pink cocktail (or only, since I don't drink much) It's just 1 1/2 oz of Tequila Rose (tastes like strawberry) and 1 oz vanilla coffee creamer mixed and then the glass filled with milk.. I have seen other versions that also add an ounce of Creme de Cacao.. that is a little too strong for me, but it sounds yummy! I took down allll that pink and red yesterday.. now I am cleaning and working on St.Patricks day stuff (I hardly have any) I plan on doing the same kids things as I did last year..

I will take pictures of the jars this time though. I did get a couple new things since last year.. a little green vase and a green tray that has a cute little shape.. I snagged a couple colors I liked it soo much! I just have 1 little clover candy dish but I added some skittles to it.. for the Rainbow look. I have been looking for a couple other rainbow things.. finding NOTHING! I will post some pics once I have stuff up!!
I dont think I mentioned it on here at all, but our littlest kiddo is having surgery next week.. I JUST started a blog so family (and whoever else wants) can see the before and after pics and get some info.. it's hard to explain it over and over to family and friends... I am pretty emotional about it.. He just seems SOO tiny to be having surgery (he will be 5 months the day before his surgery). So it will be quiet over here but hopefully busy over THERE.
I can't wait to have it all over and done with.. Once we are home I will feel much better about everything.. and I am READY to Spring Clean.. so I might post a few more times between now and his surgery.. I like to PLAN before I do any cleaning! The other big thing we have going on is the baby stuff sale I participate in 2 times a year.. I have bins and bins of stuff that need to be organized since last time and prepped and all that.. Every sale I hope to sell everything... but it doesnt usually work that way...By the way Oregon Mommy's, Sale is March 13th in Salem at Blanchet Catholic School 9am!!


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