16 March 2009

St.Patrick's day goodness

Sorry it has been so long since a new post.. Morning sickness has kept me down. I am finally starting to feel a little better, not much, but enough to drag a few decorations out!

I don't have a bunch of St.Patrick's Day stuff but I LOVE the stuff I have!

These cute glittered shamrocks are just floral picks from Joanne's last year on clearance for 30 cents! I just pulled the picks out and put them in the apothecary jar.

Got these little clovers in bags at Joanne's in the 1$ section. Found some of this stuff in the last couple years at Big Lots.

Curtains are just clearance fabric from the year before!

I do like to do a cute little thing for the kids on St. Patricks day though! I have a couple of baby food jars ( emptied and washed ) that I decorated with some scrap booking stickers. I have some little clover confetti and I make a trail from the front door to the hiding spot ( where the jars are filled with little chocolate coins ) Carsyn was too little last year but Ramsey had fun following the trail the leprechaun left for him!

I haven't done this one but I thought it was a cute idea too. The night before St. Patricks day put a white carnation ( with a fresh cut ) in a little vase and add 1 or 2 drops of green food coloring to the water, by the morning it is supposed to have turned the white carnation green. Hoping to try it this year!

We don't do the corned beef and hash here. But I will make the kids oatmeal with whipped cream and clover sprinkles for breakfast and something green or clover shaped for lunch and loaded green potatoes for dinner!

I thought these Brownies Sounded so good.. not really Ryan's thing but thought some of you might want to try them. The picture at the top.. doesn't it look SO good!
Here is the link for the recipe... They are done in the SLOW COOKER.. even easier!


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