20 July 2017

Harry Potter Birthay Celebration

Missing Harry Potter? 

We are! We went to Universal last fall and we are halfway through the audio books this summer!  Our kids are all fans and we have a couple weeks of mellow, well, mellow for us anyway, so we are going to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday! July 31st is a Monday this year so we will be doing a bit of it during the day while hubby is at work and the biggest Potter fan is at football camp.  

I've got a scavenger hunt for after lunch. 
I just picked up some horcrux and other Harry Potter inspired items. Some we already had, it doesn't have to be expensive! 
A plastic snake, a goblet, an old book, a necklace, a wand, a piece of silvery fabric left over from a project, I really like the little plastic animals because our little one loves them. You can find a  Badger, Griffin, or a Raven. I found a little tri wizard cup, a lavender unicorn horn, Nevil will probably need help finding his toad a few times, and the bones of an Acromantula. 

We do some harder clues and some that are easier because we have a bit of age range for our Potter fans. 

I don't love butterbeer to drink because it's too sweet. This year we are either going to make butter beer fudge or butterbeer caramel corn, I will be winging that, if it turns out I will share :) 

After visiting the 3 Broomsticks at Universal Studios and having THE best roasted chicken ever, seriously the best, I am pretty sure we can do something like that with baby potatoes that is easy enough for our middles to do a lot of the work, they love to help!  We also have an owl muffin pan and they can make some corn bread or something in them. 

I will pick up some dry ice for the table and goodies for snack mix to make for movie watching! 
Here are some other things we have done in the past, none are to hard! 

What do you do to celebrate?

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