03 April 2017

April Goals

Oh my my, life has been busy, to say the least. I didn't even bother with goals in March! I mean I meant to, I thought about them but I don't really know where March even went! So here we are on the 3rd of April. I can start this month off with some written goals.

House~Yikes, some of the same goals since January! Countertops, finish up cabinets, decide what we are going to do with the pantry. Outside is a whole other ball game! My main goal this month is to get the garden going, just SOMETHING, even if it's not beautiful and everything I want to plant. I also need to finish dealing with the trees that we had felled in the fall. I broke our chainsaw so it's been a slow process until we can get it fixed.

Financial~Only goal there is to recover from Disneyland trip!  No more eating out (besides hubby's birthday), meal planning is a must if we are going to come close. We paid off a few smaller debts the last couple months without making the budget suffer. This month I hope to make a good dent in another with some Etsy sales. I am on a no clothes shopping challenge for the month too!  Not going overboard on Easter stuff!

Health~I need to get myself back to the doctor for more labs, and make getting there a priority. I am so bad about going, but I can tell that my thyroid is off again.

Relationships~ I really doubt we will have opportunity for date nights, or kid dates at all until baseball season is over. Once I get everyone's game schedule I hope to have a few nights we can have family dates!

And MAYBE, just maybe I will actually update y'all. I need some accountability ; )

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