13 November 2016

Bonfire Bars

These are super easy, only a few ingredients and they don't take long at all!

3Tbs Butter/Coconut Oil (or combo)
6C Golden Grahams Cereal
3C Marshmallows
2 Tbs Mini Chocolate Chips
3 MORE C. Marshmallows 

First spray your 9x9 (or 8x8) pan with nonstick spray. I just used some coconut oil
 In a saucepan melt the coconut oil or butter, then on medium heat, add 3C marshmallows and stir until it's all melty and combined.

*Turn oven on to broil*

Turn stove heat off, add 6C Golden Grahams Cereal. Stir it all together to coat.
Pour into pan and press down with spatula.
Sprinkle Chocolate Chips evenly

Add 3C marshmallows on top to cover evenly.

Put the pan under the broiler until marshmallows get all melty and crispy and brown and perfect!

Let cool, then
Good Luck Cutting them even ;)
Prepare to be sticky

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