21 June 2016

I Miss The Mom Tribe!

Do you miss it too? Maybe it's just me? I feel like I am missing out on the mom friends like my mom and grandma had.

 On any given day there would be another mom at our house at some point. Some had girls my age, some had boys and some had kids my brothers age, or older than both of us. It didn't ever feel weird, it wasn't a play date, often it was just a mom, no kids. There was no phone calls from the road ahead to check and see if a quick stop was ok, no cell phones. My mom and grandma were both social, I am social, where are the friends that stop by for coffee or just to kill 10 minutes between errands? Some of these moms even had their own coffee creamer at our house. No one cared that there was a really good chance that they would have to move laundry to sit and chat, or that if it was before school I would probably ask for help French braiding my hair (I still can't braid my own). I didn't know that wasn't a thing? I really expected that as an adult, especially once I had school age kids. We have an 11 year old. It hasn't happened yet. Which makes me wonder why?!? What has changed in the past 2 decades that this practice of stopping by to call on friends and have a quick cup of coffee has become non existent?  Is this part of why relationships seem only surface deep more often than not lately? Because we aren't seeing the real day to day stuff, only the put together show?

Is it too crazy to say to your friends "stop by any time" and mean it? I can probably make sure there is coffee or tea, you will probably have to move books or laundry to have a seat, but stay for 1 cup or for 3. No promise that I will be dressed all the way, I probably won't have my hair and makeup done. But it's an open invitation to our real life and we want you in it! Is that really weird or crazy?  Are we too worried about our appearances (or our home)  that friendships suffer? If it's ok for neighbor kids to come by to see if kids can play, when does that stop being ok for adults? 

I'm putting this out there for my friends, stop by, I mean it. I don't care if you are in a cruddy mood or have good news to share, if you are out of creamer or just need to get out of the house for a few. I want to know your real life ❤️

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