29 April 2016

Friday RAOK!

 I stopped worrying (and spending SO much time) about the kids chores, and their lack of doing them, which left me with a few options, 1. Do it myself  2. Micromanage them to do it or 3. Call it Good Enough and let natural consequences do their thing. Well it's been tough on me for the last 10-12 days now but the plus side of letting Good Enough be the goal is that I have more time! I got my organizing for the week done earlier in the week because I wasn't managing their messes. So I have time to do what I want to, today that's making our sweet neighbors some treats. They moved in a couple months ago, and have been great neighbors!  Life has been less than ideal since then, so it's a little later than I normally would like a welcome treat to be!

I just love doing something for someone else! Random acts of kindness are so fun! Lots of ideas out there, some of my favorites

~Buying that frazzled looking mama at Target a coffee
~Leaving coupons on the product at the store
~Mailing a card to a friend, just letting them know you are thinking of them
~Help someone with their groceries
~Ding Dong Ditch some doughnuts to a friend
~Leave a redbox code on a sticky note at the redbox

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