17 August 2015

Mom Taxi Before and After

I shared on Friday how bad I needed to get my car in order for Fall sports season.  We didn't have anything organized while we moved and used my car as a landing spot for all the things we HAD to know where they were. Living in a construction zone was not the easiest!

Yikes! Absolutely zero things ready! 

I am a big fan of teaching kids responsibilities, so I am not about to make a checklist of everything they need for their sport. They know what they need to have to play (mitt, knee pads, hats and flags) Those are for them to manage. The stuff I need to manage is everything else! And it has to be easy, all put together and ready on a whim.  This is how we do it.

I use something like this in the back, so I can easily take it out when/if we have a sports free day.

I try to make sure we have
first aid kit*
baby wipes
Sun Screen
Bottled Water
Snacks that will keep a while
 Instant Ice Pack
Pen and Paper
It fits just fine in one little portion!
Hopefully this will help us feel less like a circus for the next 5 weeks or so.

I only keep a small first aid kit in our car, specific to our kids.
* Bandages
* Some oils (Better than kisses, germ away)
* inhaler
* tweezers
* Nux Vomica (car sickness is an issue here)
* Sanitizer
* antibiotic cream
* ace bandage

We don't typically use fever reducers, not enough to keep them in our first aid kid for sports.

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