27 March 2015

Organizing Friday {Week 13}

Spring Break Week!

I didn't really plan to do much this week.
I did go through all the kids clothes, pack up the long sleeve T's and get the short sleeve T's out.

We keep 1 bin under each kiddo's bed for out of season clothes that fit.
Slowly working our way towards having just the 1 bin, I was buying way way too many clothes, so each kid also had 1 bin under our bed of stuff that is too big. After this go around of clothes swap there might only be 1 bin under our bed! I am getting better about not over buying and letting stuff go. I used to have a whole bunch of hand me downs from our oldest for our 5 year old. I did such a good job last summer that the 5 yo has 1 tank top this year as a hand me down. All of the others were worn out or stained. 

Since I don't have much to share today from our house, I thought I would share these super ideas I have seen around for storing kid clothes!

 So smart to use the page protectors on the inside of the bins! We have used duct tape and written directly on the bin, neither of those ended well.

Here are some free printables too!

If you don't have room, or the budget, for plastic bins, there is this option.
a 2 pack from Dollar Tree of sweater bags. They aren't hard plastic, so if you have a smaller or awkward space under a bed, a corner closet etc. You just might be able to shove some of these in there.

These are the ones we use

How do you store out of season or out of size clothes?

I will share my process for season clothes swapping soon!

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