22 June 2016

Homemade Slushy

 With free Slurpee Day coming up, I wanted to share this healthier alternative!  I know, slurpees are so good but also so full of ick.
This one you can make at home, no driving required! 
  I promise this is easy and inexpensive!

Only 2-3 ingredients!
Frozen fruit
Cold seltzer water,  any flavor
And powdered greens for us!

I am using strawberries and peach.
 In your blender mix equal parts frozen fruit and seltzer water.
Don't fill your container too full, it's carbonated and is going to bubble!
Just blend enough to get the frozen fruit chunks out. Done! 

We are in the middle of redoing the kitchen cabinets so it's a disaster in there!

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