11 April 2016

Sports Season Meals

 Here we are in week 1 of games, and I didn't do a lot of plannin', but I have some ideas and have today figured out. That is as far as I have gotten!

I just tossed some pork roasts in the pressure cooker with some stone ground mustard and bbq sauce and seasoning that I didn't measure, because I don't measure much.  I did enough for at least 3 meals. We will have it tonight for dinner and I will put enough for a meal in the freezer for later.
Our kids like bbq pork nachos too, so I can make that a meal, or lunch meal for them.

I am making a double (or triple) batch of meatloaf tomorrow, going to slice them up and freeze the slices for easy lunches and dinner to go.  

And these gems are going to make my life easier as soon as they get here! Who knew?! Reusable, freezer, microwave and dishwasher?! Genius!


I haven't made it to Wednesday in my planning yet. But I know we will have orange chicken and edamame with rice at least 1 day this week.
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