22 April 2016

Mom Drawer

 This was my dresser growing up, I hesitated to take it back until just recently. Well now that it's here, it's perfect! It fits just right and has given me a convenient spot for my mom/wife life organization.

it's not quite the big command center I was dreaming of, like these.


But it's working! My WOTY is FRESH, still working on it, in lots of ways.  A fresh perspective on what I actually need to make my life run smooth was one of those things. I don't need a big ol' command center, just this. This drawer, where I can keep my planner, my daily necessities like the speaker and devotional/Bible, grocery list, my few favorite pens, lip gloss and eye drops, yay allergies. I also keep my coloring books, in case I have a few minutes to myself ❤️

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