04 December 2015

12 Weeks of Christmas {Week 10}

That 10 up there means that after this week, Christmas will be here in 2 short weeks!
What is left on your Have to do list?

Want to do list?

This weekend we are getting our tree and have a movie night planned. 

While the kids are at school I am going to prep Christmas treats, and make Christmas cookies that are easy to freeze. Finding a time to make, cool and decorate in 1 day becomes increasingly harder as we get closer.  I will have them all ready to decorate for the kids. Makes it a little easier on me too, cleaning up the baking 1 day, and the decorating mess another.

If you have been watching the sales like I talked about in week 3 then you probably have a good portion, if not all of the things you need to prep Christmas goodies!

What is your must have Christmas treat?

I am also going to say Decorate this week too! Decorating for me isn't a 1 day thing. Especially in our new place. I feel like all our stuff from our old house just isn't right in this one. I am slowly getting stuff out and set where I like it.

I have a few things I have made for our new place. I feel like I share those more on Instagram though! Find me @OregonHousewife

Warning though, I have been posting a whole lot of chicken pictures lately hehe