03 February 2015

Our Favorite After School Snacks

In an effort to make home the place kids can't wait to come home to, I need to put a little more into our after school snacks.  Don't get me wrong, they aren't starving but snacks have been kinda ho hum around here lately.

We aren't big on sugary snacks, these kids are sweet enough already, but I might let it happen once in a while. On that note, not all of these are going to be as healthy as I would like. But they WILL be delicious!

Graham Cracker Sandwich w/marshmallow
Chocolate Dipped Ritz
Pina Colada~Frozen Pineapple, Coconut milk, Greek Yogurt, ice w/roasted coconut chips on top
PB Chocolate~We use PB2, yogurt, ice and chocolate almond milk
My FAVE ~Orange juice, Spinach, ice and some frozen strawberries
Ritz & Sunbutter sandwich

Pretzels and PB
Rainbow Fruit Cup
Frozen Grapes
Ants on a log
Cucumber and crackers
Banana nut mini muffins
Made with Spinach
Pumpkin Muffins
Banana nut bread bars
Cream Cheese/veggie roll up
cream cheese/cinnamon roll up
PB Banana Mini Muffins
Cream Cheese/Strawberry Sandwich toasted
Apple Ham and Cheese toothpicks
 Apple Cheddar quesadilla
Big Hunk Dip
  Mini Pizza Calzones
Chocolate dipped frozen banana bites
Zucchini Bread
mini nilla wafer/banana sandwich
Cookie Dough Fake Out
Muffin Top Cookies

Those won't be an everyday thing. We will still have our usual snacks. We don't keep a lot of options on hand, that can get expensive and wasteful pretty quickly.
We pretty much always have
Cheese Sticks
Dried Fruit
Granola Bars

What are your favorite kid snacks? I am always looking for more ideas!