02 January 2015

Organize Friday 2015

I shared on Facebook that I was spending some of my free time in December purging stuff. I can not even tell you how much we got rid of! I set a goal of 1 grocery bag a day during the week. Easily met that goal through Christmas. After Christmas when the big kids were home we didn't do a whole lot of purging.

Now that we have less stuff  TO organize, I can get on with it in our "for now" place. Making it a home, even if it's temporary. I feel like clutter and unorganized messes just continue to grow without work. I want our home to be peaceful for all of us and that is not going to happen with boxes of stuff and piles all over like it is now.  There are some other reasons why we prefer an organized home.

It's less STRESS to just know where stuff is and not come home to a undone project over and over. There is already plenty of other things that are stressful, let's take this one out of the mix.
TIME, when you have less to look through or deal with on a daily basis you will have more time to do the stuff that really matters! Less to clean up. YAY! Have you ever been late because you couldn't find your keys, phone or shoes?! That is not something I ever want to deal with again.
Money can also be another life factor that is affected by clutter and an unorganized life. Knowing what you have, and where you have it will prevent buying duplicates. Being honest about what we need has already really helped me in avoiding more stuff in our home. Getting and staying organized won't necessarily make more space but it sure will make me think twice about buying something I am already on the fence about.
It just feels more peaceful when things aren't cluttered and hectic.
 Another BIG reason organization is key in a happy life for us?  If we are better organized in the small mundane things the more free time we will
have for the BIG important things in life!

I know I can't do it all in 1 week so I will be going back to my Friday Organization. That usually works for me, Friday's tend to be a mellow day around here. Having a plan to get it all done will hopefully help keep me on track! Excited to get started! I did something similar last year, well I planned to anyway. Then lots of overtime, bed rest, road trip, having a baby and selling a house happened. New house, new list. 

I am going to start with the area people will see first!

This week is the Front Porch!   
Since we moved in our porch has been like this...

SAD! Poor wreath :(
Some other areas I will be working on over the year, as long as we are here.

~Kids Drop Zone (in the garage)
~Laundry Area
~Adult Drop Zone/Entryway
~Coat Closet
~Gift Wrap Supplies
~Kitchen Cabinets
~Under Kitchen Sink
~Home Management Binder
~Office Stuff
~Homework Cabinet
~Living Room Storage 
~My Clothes/Closet
~Nightstands/Dresser Tops
~Kid Clothes*
~Kid Closets*
~Kid Rooms*
~Kid Bathroom Shelves
~ Kid Bathroom Cabinet
~My Car
~Sports Stuff
~Electronics Stuff
 ~Craft Stuff

*Multiple Weeks

That is more than 6 Months worth and I am hoping we won't be here that long!


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