26 December 2013

52 Weeks of Organizing 2014

It's no secret I love Organizing. I love the end result almost as much as I love doing it! On top of my passion for it, I also think it's important to have things in their place, it makes the crazy parts of the day smoother.
I'm going to join in this year with the 52 weeks to an organized home! I have gotten out of the habit of doing something every week and I miss it, I can tell our house is not running quite as smooth as it used to.
I love the list they have compiled here, but I felt like I needed to make one that was a little more in line with our family. There are at least a couple blogs I have seen something like this.
Organizing Junkie
Home Storage Solutions

Some of these aren't going to apply to everyone, maybe there are other areas that you can do that aren't on the list instead.
I think this, mixed with the bag a week to donate or trash will be a great combo for us!
First week is right around the corner, next Wednesday! The first 5 weeks of this will be the hardest ones, then a few weeks of a little easier.
I want to read more about this 52 week series too, it sounds interesting!
I like how this mama shared her every week of doing the plan!

Anyone else want to join?!
 I am hoping to share our weekly progress and would love to see how some other families make stuff work for them.

Here is our week 1

I know some of those dishes on the bottom I haven't used in a year, could be because I have been working? hard to say at this point but I might be getting rid of some to make it less cluttered. I'll share how it ends up and week 2 before!


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