19 September 2014

39 Weeks Pregnant, Fall Cleaning!

I cannot even believe it is almost baby day! Just have to get to next week! I can't wait to share pictures of this little boy, he is already so loved! I have a feeling I will have a stubborn big sister to pry him away from :)

Once things settle down and we are back home I am sure we will quickly get back to our routine! It will be a new and sleep deprived routine, ever changing as baby does.

Until then, even though it's not fall, I did as much of our fall cleaning (inside stuff) as I could between our garage still being pretty full of boxes and being pregnant. No climbing or painting here, hubby's rules. 

Here is the link to previous years FALL CLEANING 
It's about what I used this time, after getting ready to sell our home it was a little different, had much less cabinet stuff to clean out!

I hope to share how we prep for baby once we are home!
It's not all cribs and onesies here. I think with each baby we had less and less, this being our 4th we haven't even picked up a crib yet! 
The prep we do here is more about how we can make family life easier while adjusting with a newborn. Lists are my friend!


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