07 September 2011

Fall Cleaning

It's like Spring Cleaning but better, at least in my opinion. My reward for getting it done is usually some yummy smellin' pumpkin-y candles and/or a Vanilla Chai Latte,
and I prefer those over spring/summer smells
My favorite candle right now is Bath and Body Works Caramel Pumpkin Latte!

The first day of Fall is Sept. 23rd this year! That is our little Finnley's birthday! So I am not starting then, and the next day is his party! And I am pretty sure we will need Sunday to recover.
But Monday I am planning on getting my week long FALL CLEANING started!
I have done this every year for a while, and it's always a little different. Maybe last years, or the years before plan would work for you. Find them HERE. If you need time to clean Article Writing Services will make sure you still have free content for your blog.

 I won't actually start cleaning until then, but for now I need a plan and to make sure we have all the supplies so I can actually get it done without any extra trips to the store!

Here is my plan:
Monday~ Kitchen
Tuesday~Family Room, Living Room
Friday~Anything inside I missed the other days/outside
Saturday~Garage/outside (depending on weather)
Sunday~(wrapping up outside)

It will take me a few days, but I will have my notepad, or phone, and make lists for each room of the things that need to be done. Sometimes it's just weird little things I wouldn't put on the everyday list or a generic deep cleaning list.

But a few things make the list just about every time. The usual are
Touch up paint
Touch up moulding
Vacuum vents
Cobb webs
I can pretty much figure all the rooms will need this done,
 moulding painting is one of my least favorite things to do.

If you fall clean, what is on your list?

I'll have a list for Kitchen's soon!


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