10 June 2014

June Goals!

I am so excited June is here, err almost half over! I am ready for sunshine and for the kids to be home from school, for baseball to be over, and for strawberries and blueberries to be the fresh snack of choice!

We listed our house for sale, I feel like a crazy person doing this while pregnant with 3 kids home all day but the time just feels right!

Our Goals for this month are pretty basic.

Haha, just kidding, but kind of. We have a lot going on and our goals are all based around those.
Our house being for sale, a trip the end of the month, school being out. Those are my 3 hurdles for the month.

1. Keep the house 30 minute ready, ideally I would like it to be 15 minute ready but the kids have to be able to play too!
Meal times are going to be tricky, there will be a whole lot of repeat quick prep meals.

2. Stay on budget for our vacation.
We saved for the trip, taking a lot of planning to stay within our budget.

3. Keep the kids doing their school work, summertime often means all fun and no work. Our kids are by no means behind for their age, but I would rather encourage them to learn about something over the summer. We don't have anything set, whatever they decide they want to learn about. As long as it's not spiders and it's age appropriate I probably won't have a problem!

Here is the plan to meet our goals:
 ~Stick to weekly cleaning, be a little better about nighttime tidying.
~Do laundry less, put it away RIGHT AWAY.. my weakness :/
~Do more dishes, I usually wait until the dishwasher is full, but now I am washing a little more often.
~Try to nicely (hound) encourage the kids to keep their room tidy
~Use this list I shared a few days ago

2. too much for this post. I will have a road trip post coming up soon! I promise it will be BIG, my crazy brain has been working on this for months!

3. Lots of talks about what they might want to learn about, trips to the library to support their curiosity. And depending on what they choose, some day trips and fun stuff.


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