06 June 2014

Our Home is FOR SALE!

 Our house is officially for sale, so bittersweet, and a little scary but in a good way. We love this house, it will be sad to not call it home, but we knew when we bought it that this wasn't our forever home. If we could pick it up and move it to the area we want to be in, it would be!
I often have to leave the house to run errands during the day, with our house on the market I don't want to have people come by with it looking less than appealing. I have this little quick list I made for me, outside of usual daily tasks, for when I am leaving the house. I just have it on my phone, I love the list option on my phone!

Kitchen Area
~Put dishcloth, sponge, brush under sink (or in the dishwasher)
~Turn on Scentsy
~Wipe down table real quick
~Sweep (last thing, if there is time)

Living Room
~Put laptops away, tuck cords under couch
~Fluff Pillows, fold blankets
~Set thermostat

~Put the pretty towels out, yes we have some that look better than others
~Toilet seats down.. thanks boys!
~Shampoo and stuff away (I got a little basket I can just easily move everything)
~Wipe out sink

Laundry Room
~Make sure there is nothing on the floor, push bins in

~Pick up.  Kids are doing a pretty good job in the mornings
~Make beds, if the kids didn't get to it.
~Fluff Pillows and put books in drawers instead of out
~Open curtains

~Make sure bikes and toys are stashed
~Nothing on the porch (flyers, wrappers, etc.)

  The big kids are out of school 1 week from today, I am a little concerned with how things will go when they are home so much more than they are now. We have lots of activities planned to help keep everyone busy and I have some ideas for those times we will be killing time for a showing ( I hope anyway!)


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