06 May 2014

May 2014 Goals

I totally forgot to do these!! I would love to blame pregnant brain but I think it's just that April was a blur!
 We kept the same ones from the month before.

~ We didn't pay $1000 towards debt but we did pay some. We had some baby stuff to purchase, will for sure be back on track to just debt soon!

~ Kept the same savings plan

~Meal Planning. THIS I did super on!

~ Scheduling. A little better, I am sure it will be a lot better once there is less on the schedule haha

~Been spending more time at home, not as much as I want, but getting there!

This month I am going to be a little less ambitious, I know we have a lot going on and some big expenses.

~Making our "To-Pack" and "To-Do" list for our trip
I need to do some research, we haven't done a road trip like this with kids! I need to have this done before the 25th. I need time to get what we need too.

~Get the majority of the baby stuff in the room
20 weeks to go feels like a long time but I know with a little trip and all the summer fun stuff it will fly by!

~Stay home MORE
I know I have plenty to do here, I just need to stay away from all the fun resale groups on facebook that drag me into town too often!

I know these are so helpful for our little (can I still call it little?!) family and they really don't take that much time. The Chore Challenge of 15 minutes each day really feels like nothing, but it turns out to be 5 hours a month of EXTRA cleaning I normally wouldn't get to. Even more if I was willing to do it on the weekends.


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