08 January 2014

Organizing~Week 2

Week 1 was fun! I finally got rid of some cake pans I have had far too long, reduced some baking stuff and did some overall purging of dishes!
See the before HERE.

Donated a lot of mixing bowls, I still have too many, but they all fit with plenty of room so I am keeping them! The plastic  ones with the pour spouts are my favorite to use, the colorful are my favorite to look at :)
Week 2 is still in the kitchen, serving stuff. I have SO MUCH. I rarely use it but I don't see me getting rid of nearly as much. I keep a lot of it above my craft stuff which is a crazy mess right now. 2 birthday parties coming up in a few weeks.
Our kitchen looks like the clearance isle after Easter and Halloween.
I can still do a little work around the chaos. 
Goodness these ones are horrible!

Some of this stuff just is going to have to stay here but hopefully I can eliminate a little and get it set up better.
Anyone else start some organizing this last week? I love to see how others make things work for them! Share your posts, Instagram or Pinterest!



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