15 January 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~Week 3!

Week 2 was SO much harder. For 1: I have too much stuff, 2: Our house is a party prep disaster right now!
Check out the before pics here.
These cabinets aren't perfect, but I did purge some stuff and finally got those brown boxes out of the way, they were just extra dishes, finally had room for them in the dish cabinet.

I like to stick with mostly white or clear big pieces so they go with nearly everything and I am not storing a bunch of extra stuff.

Seriously, when I said it was a disaster, I was not joking! Bucket of Valentine's Day stuff, 2 Birthday Parties in a couple weeks all lead to this disaster!

Week 3 is pots and pans. I didn't take any before pictures but I did just realize while I was cleaning out the other cabinet that there is a whole other shelf that isn't put up, I am about to make some more room in the little pots and pans cabinet!


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