05 November 2013

Fall Cleaning.. almost too late!

I realize we are not far off from this being Winter cleaning but I am hoping to get it all done before Winter, then it counts, right?!
Usually I follow the routines here, it's worked great in the past. This year is different, I am still a homemaker but I am not HOME nearly as much.
I am going to try and really buckle down before Thanksgiving and get it all done!
No tidying, no vacuuming, those happen anyway.
Just the stuff that always gets pushed to the end of the list.
I am starting with our 2 upstairs bathrooms, they both have a few things that need dealt with.
A new shower head
Some kind of storage for a small area,

the window sills need the paint touched up,
the cabinets might need some touch up
and I need to get rid of some stuff.
I started Monday by making the list, starting at the top of what needs to be done.
Decided who was doing what.
Giving all these kids each some little jobs, they are old enough to pitch in.
Hoping to finish these by Sunday!
Who else does Fall cleaning? Are you done this year, just starting or somewhere in between?


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