20 November 2013

Bedroom Fall Cleaning

That is what I have been working on this week, just the kids rooms, all 3 of them!

While it won't be as detailed as THIS list, I am trying really hard to just focus on the projects, not a 20 min cleaning but stuff that takes time!
In the kids rooms this week I hope to accomplish
~a big ol' toy purge!
~touching up the paint on the baseboards
~steam clean the mattresses
~Dusting all the high places I don't get every week.
~Fill nail holes and caulking the window trim
~Clean the window tracks
I've already cleaned the baseboards (baby wipes and magic eraser) in prep for paint, and cleaned the windows, goodness I didn't realize how long it had been! EWW
The microfiber was CLEAN when I started the windows!
Next week is the laundry room and Kitchen, just in time for Thanksgiving!


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