05 August 2013

Back to School Supplies

I know there are some great deals on things like crayons, glue sticks and pencils right now, here is my dilemma..
Is it worth the savings NOW to have to deal with storing them?
I was really struggling, because on one hand I love a good deal and there is a good chance we will need crayons again before next August. On the other hand, I am on a mission to have less stuff!!
So do I get it just because it's a good deal? It's not a necessity, I don't look at it the same as I would food storage or medicine. 
Not just with crayons but with all things lately I have a few rules I follow before buying something.
1. Is it a good price (if not, it will wait)
2. Do we need it, or just want it?
3. Will we use it (WHEN will we use it, now or in 6 months?)
4. Will it be on sale again before we need/want to use it?
5. Do we have somewhere to store it? (convenient and pretty required)
It's been hard, and I have left some great clearance items at Target and garage sale steals where they were, in an attempt to be better at not buying just to buy and following our rules.
As far as crayons and glue sticks go. I set a limit. I have this box in our "office" cupboard and that's it. If it doesn't fit in here it's not coming home. We won't need THAT many crayons or glue sticks over the year, and if I am wrong, the 75 cent increase in price is worth my sanity of having a place for everything.

And after taking this, I really need to show y'all how our office cupboard ended up. It really is pretty perfect for us.


We get to close it all up and not see it when it's not needed. Everything we use often is in here, the printer is stored just below in another cabinet.



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