24 July 2013

Simplifying~Kids Clothes Part II

I am feeling pretty good about the stuff that is leaving, making more room for life
and less chances to frustrate the kids with over-full drawers,
frustrate me when they don't put stuff away well, and no more wrinkles!!
I started with just 1 little drawer....
Yup, just 1 drawer and I had 2 piles of too small, ripped or stained!
That really motivated me to do the rest and I have all that above AND

 2 more BIG PILES!!

And one more big white bin I already took to the garage!
I don't know HOW I managed to collect so many pairs of pajamas for these kids who sleep in undies most nights but it was obviously too many!

I couldn't believe how much was too small, these kids have all grown at least a half inch since school got out in June!!

Hoping to participate in our local kids consignment sale in a few weeks and get this stuff outta here and make a little bit to help fund the next round.

I couldn't get rid of everything that was too big or just out of season, they each have a little bit of next season/too big stuff. I am keeping most of it in the closet that no one is using up above, out of the way but still accessible since we will need it faster than I want to think about.

Yes, these drawers look MUCH better!

And I REALLLLLY limited the girls clothes in her drawers, she wants to wear a dress everyday anyway!

I really think they all have what they will NEED, and that is really what I am going for.


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