30 June 2013

The year is half over!

With June ending it's finally feeling like summer here!
We have big fun plans for the 4th but I wanted to share our progress (slow, very slow) with how things are going for our 2013 goals.
I am working on simplifying EVERYTHING. We have too much stuff. I am starting slow, making a list of all the things I am sick of dealing with. Some of it will just be organizing, but lots will be going through things and getting rid of stuff! Doing without excess and *needing* a lot less. I will share what we change, and how we decided what needs to go. 
In June we did a whole lot around the house, and by WE I mean my hubby, our living room was painted, we got some curtains after years of not having any and some other work around here that has been on the back burner. I can't think of anything I did that you can see, lots of organizing and planning, and I worked on my Home Management Binder very little. Being away from home so much leaves little time to do stuff here.
 ~I have pretty much given up buying coffee, I get one once a week maybe. I have been making it at home instead. I know this is helping!

~We are doing better about not eating out, and slowly paying stuff down, Dave Ramsey Snowball style. Paid off 1 more credit card this month, only a few to go!

~I changed my lunch break to 30 minutes so I never have time to go to Target!

July should be a very different month for us financially, Ryan has just a couple weeks left of work, then we won't be getting his paycheck but we won't be paying a babysitter either. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous to see how things work out.  

~Drinking water well but still haven't been to the gym as much as I want to. I think with Ryan off work this month we will all be going more often!

~Really all of these goals have been easier and easier for me, the more I do them the easier it gets.

~I've been getting up at 4:45, just a little earlier but those 15 minutes make a huge difference in my "me" time.  I have a big stack of books I have been working through.

~Working on being a "yes" mom more often and enjoying as much of their little personalities as we can.

~Spending more time together, well other than being gone for 10 hours a day. I think working out of the home has really made me appreciate how lucky I was to be home for so long.
They love our sweet sitter, and she does all the fun stuff that sometimes we don't get to. Sure makes it easier to go to work when I know the kids are excited to have her over to play.



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