26 August 2016

Thermos lunches

Our kids are picky (and school lunches are spendy) so we do a lot of thermos lunches. We save sandwich lunches for extremely busy days and field trips. 


Here are some common thermos lunches  around here:

-Quesadilla triangles
-Pasta with some veggies and cheese 
-Teriyaki chicken and rice
-Deconstructed burrito (filling but no shell)
Taco meat
-Send stuff for nachos or a taco
I make an extra batch of sauce, freeze it in ice cube trays and just make the pasta in the morning, thaw a cube in the fridge or microwave and done!
-Soup and stew 
Easy to make extra! 

What do you put in yours? 

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15 August 2016

Back to School Snack Mix

This is a fun, easy, not terrible snack for after school. The first day of school makes me think of apples and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 🍎🍞

I don't usually measure but made some guesses this time! Add more of your favorites, you really can't go wrong!

3C Chex (or crispix or life, whatever is on sale!)
1C Freeze dried apples broken into little bites
1C Peanuts
3/4C PB chips 
3/4C Pretzels 

You can add dried strawberries too if you want to make it even more sweet. We didn't have any or I would have halved the PB chips and added some dried strawberries. Yogurt peanuts are a good alternative too. Might make it look a little less monotone hehe

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11 August 2016

Updated Homework Setup

I have no idea if any of our older 3 will have homework. I am assuming the 6th grader will and probably the 1st grader, going to set up for that and change it if we need to. Oh how I miss the last time I shared our work set up. 2 tiny elementary students and a pre-preschooler :(

We already have a drawer for colored pencils, crayons, art supplies and that kind of stuff. It's just not very conducive to homework, too many fun distractions. I don't want to do anything TOO over the top or crazy. I'm just tidying the drawer that already has all their other stuff. Journals, devotionals and such, stuff we ideally use everyday. Added a little basket with plain pencils (no one comes looking for those) and a few crayons. I might add their workbooks, once we know who has homework and how much. 

This is also where we will keep their reading logs and folders, if it's like years past where they bring them home Monday and return Friday. 

I don't know if there is anything worse than a frantic type A kiddo who doesn't know where their homework folder is and it's time to go. I'd love to eliminate that whole dilemma with this! 

 It's not a huge drawer, but I am also hoping to have room for 1st grade library books. He is NOT of the type A variety and really has no desire to keep track of anything.
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09 August 2016

*Updated* Breakfast Plan

Breakfast time can be a disaster, mornings are rough, having a plan makes it a little easier, not easy, but a teeny bit easier.

I don't love the idea of something super rigid, but mornings here need just a little bit of structure.
 I plan to make the same things each week.  Our kids are getting old enough that a lot of mornings they can do it themselves, I am usually up before them though and like to do it! I'm not talking some crazy elaborate breakfast every morning. I am just picking the 5 or 6 things I know the kids like, are not going to kill our budget, will keep them full enough to make it to snack time and not full of sugar or junk. 

Kodiak Cakes and Fruit
We LOVE Kodiak Cakes!

Yogurt and stuff
We add stuff like nuts, granola, seeds, fruit

Oatmeal and fluff, fruit and all that. Steel Cut Oats in the Instant Pot are AMAZING. Definitely my favorite!

Waffles and fruit
Usually with PB for some protein

Bacon or Sausage and Eggs with toast.
Especially now that our chickens are finally laying!

**I also have stuff for protein smoothies pretty much all of the time, for busy days or if we are low on something**

We keep our breakfast fluff, like granola, cinnamon sugar, oatmeal they can do themselves etc. all together and easy to get out and put away.  

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