18 July 2014


Waaaaaiit, what? That is not my usual! I love structure and scheduled and predictability!

However, lately I have been finding myself leaning towards the wild and free. I'd like to blame it on this baby! I think this is going to be the most chill baby! I haven't felt much in the way of stress as far as getting stuff for baby, we are selling our house and I hadn't been stressing about that, none of this is my norm. I don't think I will ever abandon my scheduling tendencies 100% and I don't think I should. I figure if we stick to our structured and scheduled stuff, let's say 20% of the time, it will be a good balance of responsibility and fun! Actually letting us enjoy the spontaneity. I don't think I could enjoy a random beach trip nearly as much, knowing I had a heap of work undone. 
 I want to make sure we lead by example for our kids. All fun and no work is not responsible and surely won't get them far in life. We also want them to learn to enjoy their hard work.

So you might not recognize the crazy lady posting. I just am not feeling all this structure AND
We sold our house! That is great news, we close in a few weeks as long as the inspection and appraisal go well.  The other end of that is WE HAVE NO WHERE TO GO!
As I am sitting here today there are 2 houses for sale in the area we want to be in, 2!!
So we will likely be renting, you would think that would be easier right? Apparently not! It's not as easy as I thought to find a 3 bedroom (minimum) place to move to! Not to mention just 32 days after we close I am all scheduled for a C-section! Don't even get me started on how far behind I am in baby prep!

I have never been the type to rush into anything, or WING IT as they say. We are absolutely winging it and it has me a teeny bit emotional. I am not regretting listing/selling but I still have the occasional though of OHMYGOODNESSWHATHAVEWEDONE!

Our house is beautiful, has no issues, fits us great with room to grow. So WHY are we doing this?!

We just know this is not where we want to be for the rest of our lives, the market is good, we thought we would try and so far it has worked out well! Just trusting that this uncomfortable stage will turn into what we are hoping for.

So that is what is up here! Sorry if Meal Plan Monday was your favorite or you were really looking forward to some back to school posts. I think we will all be lucky if I cook a planned meal again before we move, and I have NO idea where/how/what I will be doing for school. I am sure we will get them there on time and dressed. Right now that is about all I can promise! Come follow me on pinterest and instagram. I am often up with calf cramps from 2-4AM and have plenty of time to pin stuff and I am sure there will be some baby grams!

Once we get settled in a new place (temporarily) and a new baby, I am sure I will have a lot more to share, and probably new obstacles as we downsize (by half!) and make things work.

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15 July 2014

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 29

I am just not ready for it to be Monday already!  Baseball is officially over for the year, that sure helps in the dinner situation! I think I might be starting to freak out about bay stuff finally, sure took a long time this go around!

Monday~Crock Pot Beef Roast

Tuesday~Enchilada Tater Tot Casserole
I am a little nervous about this one, trying from pinterest.


Thursday~Chicken Stir Fry

Friday~Mini Pizza

Saturday~Pork Roast

Sunday~ Leftovers

It's a day late, and will probably change, I am moody and nothing sounds good after I cook it these days (yay pregnancy) and kids have VBS all week. 
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07 July 2014

Monday Meal Plan~Week 28

 Baseball this week! Maybe our last week of it. Adding some house showings into the mix and I am already ready for Sunday!

Monday~Potato Soup 
(we were gone Thursday)
My girly, who says she doesn't like ground beef, has been requesting!

Wednesday~Spaghetti and Meatballs
Thanks Trader Joe's for making my life a little easier!

Thursday~Chicken Burritos

Friday~Chicken and Tortellini w/Pesto
Another Trader Joe's help!

We have 2 baseball games in town

Sunday~ BBQ Chicken & Grilled Corn

Cost Breakdown

Monday~Potatoes $1.00, Milk $0.50, Chicken Stock $0.50 Bacon $1.25, Cheese $0.50 Everything else $1.50, Fruit $1.00 ( we recently picked a ton)

Tuesday~Ground Beef $3.00, V8 $.75, Tomatoes $1.00, Cornbread $1.00, Everything else $2.00,
Fruit $1.00

Wednesday~Marinara (homemade) $1.00, Pasta $1.00, TJ Mini Meatballs $3.00,
Fruit $1.00

Thursday~Chicken $2.00, Tortillas $.75, Brown Rice $.75,  Everything else $2.00
Fruits and veggies $2.00

Friday~Chicken $1.00, Tortellini $1.99, Pesto $.75, Fruits and veggies $2.00

Sunday~Chicken $2.00, corn on the cob $1.00, fruit $1.00
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Back to School Shopping

Back to school SAVING
#1 way to save?!
Believe me, I KNOW how hard it is! Back to school happens to be one of my favorite holidays! We can call it a holiday right? Set a budget and try to watch the sales!

2. Know what you have, what you need.
This chart is an awesome tool for that as far as clothes go. Print one for each kid.
Be realistic. Do they NEED 8 pairs of shoes? Probably not, is it hard to not buy the cute floral ones that match 2 shirts, yes! Make your lists and BRING THEM! It's so easy to get caught up in the cute and fresh to forget you already have 4 short sleeve shirts!
I am going to share how we decided what the kids actually needed next week. I made this list about this time last year
While I did try to stick to that, and I got rid of a lot, we still had a lot of clothes. Actually we still do! I haven't bought much for any of the kids other than a couple cotton dresses for our girly.
Our schools sends the supply list out at the end of the school year, that helps us watch for the deals!

3. Start Early
It's the beginning of July and stores like Target and Staples have been sending back to school stuff for a couple of weeks! If you have your LIST ready then you aren't paying full price when it comes to the end of the summer break. Our Target already has all of the patio stuff on clearance, it will only be a couple weeks before it is full of school supplies.

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30 June 2014

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 27

I don't really know if it's the 27th week, just guessing!  We are finally back from vacation and I want to get what tiny part of our Summer life in check that I can. 

As much as I was looking forward to not having to plan meals around baseball, All Stars started last week. I was really hoping we were done with Red Solo Cup Dinners to go! And I forgot it is 4th of July week, we will have a short week here!

I am also hoping to really crack down on our budget, I know some of y'all are looking for inexpensive meals. I will do my best to give a price break down (for our area) at the bottom!

Monday~PB and Bacon Sandwiches
Been craving like crazy, I would like to blame the baby on this one!

Tuesday~Crock Pot Pork Roast
Nothing fancy, pork, carrots, potatoes and seasoning.

Wednesday~Chicken and sauce w/veggies
Usual, rice or pasta with baked chicken and some sauce I can hide veggies in for the kids!

Thursday~ Potato Soup (If we are here)

Monday~ Bread $0.50 (bread store 1/2 loaf) Bacon $1.25 ( 1/2 package) 
PB, not enough to count. Fruits and Veggie sides $2 (everyone has something different, depending on what they like) Cucumbers, apples, bananas and baby carrots.

Tuesday~Pork Roast $4.00, Carrots $0.50, Potatoes $0.50. Chicken Stock $0.50. Corn Bread $1.00  The rest is such a small amount, not enough to figure.

Wednesday~Chicken $2.00, Rice $0.50, Veggies $1.50, Sauce $0.50 (homemade)
Fruit $1.00

Thursday~Potatoes $1.00, Milk $0.50, Chicken Stock $0.50 Bacon $1.25, Cheese $0.50 Everything else $1.50

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28 June 2014

No Spend July!

It's been a good while since we, scratch that, I have done a NO SPEND month. I am the one that makes the day to day purchases around here and I am the one that tends to blow money on things that we don't really NEED. I am a sucker for cuteness, and clothes and coffee. I know I need a month to reign it in, July seems like the perfect month! It's before I have to get serious about school/fall clothes, before baby will be here and before Halloween stuff comes out (BIG weakness!)

I will absolutely need to plan beforehand, like NOW, or I will have some slip ups.

Things that are not making the OK LIST
~Coffee Drinks (or bought smoothies, or any of that stuff) This doesn't happen too often anymore
~Clothes for me (other than exceptions I have listed)
~Clothes for kids (minus exceptions)
~House Decor~ So hard with all the awesome shabby shows going on!
~ Eating out with kids
~Extras at the grocery store

And I have my list of exceptions
I keep it on my phone, no excuses not to use it.

Kids Backpacks, there is usually a good sale on them in July
A few things for me for the hospital
A pedicure, already planned
Cami's for the girl, if they are under $2 on clearance
Some baby outfits, once I figure out how much we have for him.
School Supplies, ONLY if they are on a GOOD sale.

How I plan to manage it all?

Make my own coffee at home,no brainer right?
Stay away from the stores I tend to spend at, like Target
Find stuff to do besides SHOP. That shouldn't be too hard!
Don't look in the big kids sizes at the resale shop, stick to the baby section if I go
Check the ads instead of making a trip to the store to see what is on sale.
Stop notifications and news feed from the facebook groups I usually get great stuff in
Go through baby stuff and make a REAL list about what this little guy will need his first couple months. Not going to buy ahead this time. 
I probably SHOULD stay off of Pinterest, there are always SO many yummy looking recipes. I don't want to be tempted to try a new one every few days and have to buy extra ingredients. Maybe I will just keep them for August!

What am I hoping to SAVE?
$30 on Coffee for sure
And at least another $200 on random stuff I won't be buying!
Will be saving on Gas, won't be going into town as much

Kind of excited to see how much we will have left at the end of the month!
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27 June 2014

Road Trip Planning~Part 2

Going to share how we manage clothes for 5 of us and all those bathroom things!

First I want to put it out there that I am a worry wart, I over pack and I don't see that changing :)

Because we were going to be gone for an extended period of time and not just a few days I REALLY packed everything I thought we might need. Kids prone to pink eye and asthma and allergies galore.
I tried to make sure we didn't have to haul everything in to every hotel, and that we wouldn't have to move stuff around we didn't need.

So I made 2 piles of bathroom stuff. Stuff we would probably not need (hopefully) and then a pile of stuff we might/for sure need.  Things like shampoo, toothbrushes and sunscreen in the must take in everyday bag. Kids Nebulizer, pink eye drops, allergy meds and ever reducers in the I HOPE not bag.

I also had a mini version of requirements that had to be accessible without stopping (in my purse)
~Kids tylenol
~Adult tylenol
~Anti Nausea
~eye drops

We were able to stuff the bag we weren't likely to get into under a seat, no one had to mess with it the entire trip! YAY, and it wasn't in any one's way.

I have never packed for that long of a trip for this many people. I wasn't sure I would be able to fit 5 suitcases in our roof rack. I had started putting outfits together a couple months ago. Stuff I knew wouldn't be warn to school or used before we left. As I was packing the kids clothes I remembered a episode, or maybe a chapter in one of their books, of how the Duggar's pack. I think they were packing 1 suitcase per DAY, I can not even imagine. But the process made sense. I used their method for the kids. Fit it into 2 suitcases for the 3 of them! This helped us avoid bringing in 1 extra suitcase everyday! I packed their clothes in outfits, already put together, top to bottom and underwear. We just grabbed the outfit on top. After day 10 the 1st was empty ( we then used it for dirty clothes ) and started on the 2nd one. Ryan and I just crammed all our stuff into 1 suitcase each.

I don't see us going on any long trips again for a while but if the next one has us in a different hotel every night, we will for sure be doing it this way again!

Shoes were very limited! I only brought 2 pair! We stuffed the kids shoes under the seat in front of them, they are old enough to manage their own shoes and did an alright job with it. I don't like to pack shoes in with clothes.
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