20 November 2015

Thanksgiving Treats {Kids Table}

I just love how whimsical these are! Not to mention super easy to bust out, 3 at a time.


And these would be perfect for caramel apples!
Little Branch looking pop sticks!

Adorable! Donut holes and pretzels!

I made some of these for our cupcakes a couple years ago! One of my favorites! 

All super easy and time still to get supplies from amazon ;)
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12 Weeks of Christmas {Week 8}

Thanksgiving is NEXT week?! How that happened so fast, I don't know.

This week is a whole lot of Thanksgiving prep for me. Chances are it is for you too, 
some things to do while you are taking care of Thanksgiving business.

~At The Grocery Store
 Buy what is on sale for Christmas too! Think cookies, and treats!

~Big Box Stores
Get your wrapping paper now if you prefer a certain look over getting $1 off a roll. As soon as Thanksgiving is over the good ones go fast!

~At Home
Double batch those pie crusts, cookies and anything else you can freeze for the next month!
Compare your gift list to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday ads. They are pretty much all online, and a lot of the deals are available online, so no going out with the crazies (like me) required!

If you are having guests for the holidays, add deep cleaning/guest prep days to your calendar, the days can get away SO fast.

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13 November 2015

12 Weeks of Christmas {Week 7}

November is speeding right along!

How are you doing with your prepping? 

I've just been focusing on the important FUN stuff and trying to let the things that make it stressful take a backseat, but dealing with them early has really helped! A PEACEFUL holiday season is what we are going for.

Just a quick recap of what I have been working on.
~Plan, calendar filling in
~Meal Planning
~Christmas Card Prep
~Hostess/Teacher Gift ideas
~Craft Supply Planning/Shopping

And that all leads us to this week! Next week will be full of Thanksgiving Prep for most of us, so this week is the perfect week to catch up.

Order Christmas cards
Wrap any gifts you have already
 Work on crafts!

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06 November 2015

12 Weeks of Christmas {Week 6}

If you are a mama that makes gifts, this week is for you!  If you have supplies to get for pajamas, or blankets, or sewing projects, don't wait.  Those stores get INSANE the days before Thanksgiving and everyday after.

Watch for those coupons and get first pick on the fleece before the crazy hour long lines for fabric cutting start!  

Not doing any DIY, or sewing projects? 
If you are as nutty as I am, now is the time to check out the wrapping paper and supplies!

I am a big fan of coordinating paper, no haphazard wrapping here.

If you are particular, now is the time to scoop it up before the good ones are gone!
Last year (and this year) we did buffalo check, wood grain and brown craft paper.

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03 November 2015

Thanksgiving Table Accent

Go scoop up as many of the baby pumpkins as you can find! 
This adorable place setting is SO worth it!

Maybe it's just for the kids table, or use as food labels on the buffet if that is your style. However you do it, these are just adorable and I can't wait to bust out the silver paint, or leaf if I can find it, for ours!

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02 November 2015

Let's Talk Thanksgiving!

Usually it's not high on my list of favorite Holidays, however, this year I feel like it's been getting more of my middle of the night thoughts! The randomness of my thoughts while I am up with the baby are insane. 

I have just been SO inspired, in different ways, the last few months.
Some adorable stuff on Pinterest.
Our neighbors turkeys, I don't know what you call 30 turkeys? A flock? 
My girly and her sweet heart
Having an oven that works
and watching too much Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven on netflix.

I am just so excited for it this year! I want to share all my favorite things and I hope you will share yours too! Comment below and leave a link to anything Thanksgiving related!
I want to share your sweet stuff too!

Today I am crushing on these cookies! Couple reasons, like I know we have that cookie cutter and I have a slight obsession with edible glitter!

I am going to post all my favorites here! So go follow me and get ready to have your best Thanksgiving yet!

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30 October 2015

12 Weeks of Christmas {Week 5}

I used to love shopping, not so much anymore. I like my time better! I want to have an idea of what I am looking for before the time comes to start shopping. 

I like this style of list, I have one similar.

I use the list as I make decisions. I use the pad on my phone to track ideas.
And I use Pinterest now to start gathering ideas for Hostess and Teacher gifts!
Some things need supplies purchased ahead of time, and rather than buy everything at once. I would like the decide a little early and have them ready before the last minute!
I have a big ol' board of ideas right HERE! Find all of the ideas below there too!

So far a couple of my favorites are
and this is pretty cute too!

So this week isn't as much as DOING, as it is gathering ideas. The Black Friday ads start to show up soon and knowing what you are looking for before getting sidetracked by all the door busters makes it much easier!
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