30 May 2013

Nightly Routine

Making sure we all get out of the house on time takes some work! With just 3 weeks under my belt I am still learning but have a little process going. Every week I seem to be adding a little more to the nightly routine, I'd rather miss some of whatever is on TV after the kids are in bed than be rushed in the morning!

I totally want this for our girlies room! So cute.. 
picture is link to more gorgeous stuff!

After dinner we make sure it's not right to work, we spend time just doing family stuff, lately it's been baseball a few nights a week. We do it this way because I don't want them to only remember dinner and then chores.  But when it's time to get ready to do our evening work (sometimes it's 8 before we get home!) we turn some music on and just get it all done as fast as we can. I think dedicating a little time at night makes the morning SO much easier!

Kids have their own list (mostly from their chore pack)
~Pick out clothes for tomorrow
~Put dirty clothes in basket
~Empty lunch box
~Repack lunch box, partially
~Tidy their rooms
~Put clean clothes away
~Help Mommy and Daddy

Our list is not as fun!
~Load dishwasher
~Couple loads of Laundry
~Check dinner plan for tomorrow, prep what I can
~Set coffee pot up.. MAJOR requirement! hehe
~Pack our lunches
~Pack backpacks
~Pack baskets for the next day
~Tidy the kitchen
~Tidy family room
~Get breakfast stuff ready
~Clothes for tomorrow
~Check Planner for appointments, activities

Yup, that's it, just a little  big list but we get it done most nights, and it's ok if we don't. Just makes the next morning a little more busy.  If we didn't do most of it though, mornings would be a disaster!

What do y'all do at night to make the morning run smoother? Any tips?!!


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