16 May 2013

How we wrangle everything (right now)

With Baseball in full swing when I started I KNEW we would have to have everything prepped, together and where it was supposed to be. Even though it's May it still is super cold some evenings, so we go to the game in shorts and need sweatshirts and blankets by the 5th inning!
I grabbed these big baskets at Target (of course, right?) last year for our garage, thought they would be a good size to help keep that stuff organized, they weren't so we had 5 or 6 in our garage. They needed to be used for something and I think having a "Baseball Basket" was a necessity.
So in this thing
 I have
~A blanket
~Snacks that won't melt because the concession stand does not have anything I would want my kids to have after dinner but before bed, trust me I have spent hours in there selling corn nuts and sno-cones to little freezing kids.
~A Sweatshirt for everyone
~Couple of water bottles
And even though Baseball only lasts a few months, we have swimming lessons that will start soon too! Good thing I have more baskets! Sure we will need to have  
~Extra hair tie for the girl
~More snacks (cause they are always STARVING after swimming)

How do you keep everything together, or ready on busy days? I am sure that with only 2 weeks as a working mom I have barely scratched the surface on things I need to wrangle and keep packed, and finding the easiest way to do that is my goal! Using something we already had was a solution for now, but if there is a better long term one I am all ears!


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