09 January 2013

Hair/Makeup part 2

One of my personal goals I shared here was getting put together more often. 
For me makeup CAN take forever, I was able to scale it back. Checking out all those 5 minute makeup challenges on Youtube. It's amazing what some of those girls can do in 5 minutes! And they have some great multitasking resources!
But for me I think the easiest way to get makeup done faster is to have less to "fix"!  I figured if I can get my skin better I can do less to it in the mornings. Makes sense right?
I have super dry skin and occasionally break out. SO thought that would be a thing of the past once I was in my 30's! I'm ok dealing with wrinkles but BOTH, no way.

Just like I am a sucker for makeup, it's the same for skin products. I think I have tried everything! Some things that seems to work well for other people gave me such a bad chemical burn! I decided I need to find a more natural, less chemical (and expensive) way to deal with things!
I kept seeing people going on about OIL CLEANSING METHOD. At first I was like, yeah right this just sounds INSANE because of all the other products that say oil free, and talk about oil like its horrible. But I was kind of desperate, so I tried it. And after the first week where I swear my skin was WORSE, it got SO much better. Not only is my skin feel and look better, it is SO much less expensive to make these products myself! Now maybe I can afford some GOOD wrinkle cream too lol. There are SO many different options depending on your skin type. But all can be made for a fraction of the price of commercial stuff!

I also use witch hazel sometimes as a toner. I got these amazing pumps that are fast and easy to use with the cotton pads. And only $0.55!
And if THAT didn't make you think I was crazy, this might.  I also got back on board with NOT WASHING MY HAIR. Yup, sounds wrong doesn't it? But I was doing it before and don't know how I got off track but I am paying for it now. I am sure most of us have heard how bad the commercial shampoos are and how much better the natural, no sulfate ones are for us. The issue I have is the good ones are spendy. I started just mixing baking soda and water. 1 Tablespoon baking soda for each cup of water, I mix it in a big jug ahead of time. I use just a little, maybe a 1/4C at a time for my shoulder length hair rub it in well and rinse SUPER SUPER well. Some people use apple cider vinegar on the ends to "condition" them. I just use a little coconut oil on my ends, and I use a leave in conditioner that I LOVE (and won't give up even though I am sure it's not ideal) a couple times a week. My hair is SO much better when I use this method. I don't have to "wash" it everyday because I am not using chemicals to strip my hair, that makes your scalp freak and make extra oil to compensate.. vicious cycle I tell ya.
 It takes my scalp about 10 days of me being good for it to stop over producing and heal. Once that 10 days (of every 3rd day wearing a hat) are over I have super hair, shiny too! Super hair that dries faster, super hair that costs me next to nothing to keep up with and no more frizz! Not going back to commercial shampoo, no matter what it claims it can do or how it smells!

Between these 2 things I think I cut about 5 more minutes off my morning routine! And help with the budget a little bit too.

What "crunchy" methods do you use and love? I am all for trying new natural stuff !


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