30 December 2012

2013 Goals~Self


Probably THE hardest one for me, and also the most important for me to
 be at my best in other aspects of life too!

Here is my list. Although I am sure there are many many more I should add!

~Get back to the gym a couple times a week
~Spend more time reading, less time on Pinterest
~Lose that last 15 pounds
~Apologize more, forgive more
~Put myself together more often
~Drink more water
~Get involved with my new group of girls for Bible Study (SUPER excited about this!)
~Spend more time on relationships that are good for me (stop feeling guilty about letting ones go that aren't)

And what are goals without plans?
 Not much. So here are my plans

~For the Gym.. stop stressing about gas money (its like 25 miles round trip but worth it) and just GO!
No more trips into town for coffee, saving the gas for the gym.

~Reading, I am happy to read, just need to limit my Pinterest time to 15 minutes a couple times a day!  
Using a timer on my phone.

~15 pounds really doesn't seem like it should be THAT hard! I am sure the gym will help, start using myfitnesspal.com again and tracking everything. Focusing on my protein and fresh produce.

~Apologize and forgive. I have NO idea what I can do to plan for this other than talking to the kids and asking them to TELL me when they think I need to apologize or forgive. I am around them more than anyone else and they will be honest about it!

~Put myself together more often. Ok really I think I have a whole page on this.. so watch for that soon! 

~I got a new 20oz cup, my last one broke and I got off track. 
I am aiming for 100 oz a day. That's only 5 little fill ups!

~The last 2 go together for me and while 1 will be easy because I am excited about it the other is just plain hard! I have a number of people in my life that I probably don't need, 1 way relationships where I am their friend all the time, and they are my friend when they need something. I also have some who just want to whine and complain to me all the time. Don't get me wrong venting is a necessity sometimes and I get that. But when I have something to talk to them about that isn't about THEM it just doesn't happen. Their opinions of how I am doing things is NEVER good enough. It's hard for me to like and want to be around people that just cannot be happy with what they have when they really have things great. The whole misery loves company thing does not work for me.  So to remind myself that I do NOT have to spend any of my few 24 hours in a day on people who don't care I am printing these!

So that is the plan to work on ME, other than a whole post that I can't wait to share about getting ready everyday!


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