05 November 2012

Wheeew Monday

The last 3 weeks have felt like a year of crazyness!
I don't know about y'all but to me it feels like the Holiday season started with Halloween this year and I am not ready for any of it!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween, ours was not our usual. Hubby ended up having to go out of town for work so everything was a little off.
Our kids still got dressed up to go to Grandma and Poppops though

Now that Halloween is over and all packed away I am working on getting everything back in order.
It's been easier because Hubby has been gone every other week (and will be again) so I am getting more done in the evening.
I've also been working on my attachment to things, especially clothes. Not just mine but mostly the kids. It was out of control! They have always had too many and I had a hard time parting with stuff.  I've gone through all of their clothes, organized them a little more and downsized by about 30%.
Our kids are on the petite side so clothes fit them a lot longer than you would expect, and I was holding on to everything! Since letting some stuff go, there are no clothes under our daughters bed, it was FULL of clothes, 5 under bed bins full.
She is already excited to have more room under there for her Lego's, they were in a crammed bin and she wasn't playing with them as much because it was harder to find certain pieces.

We have been staying home MUCH more lately and it feels so good to just be home!
I've been able to plan our meals out a little further than a week, but they are still always changing because  hubby keeps getting called to work away from home and I am not about to make his favorite when he is gone when the kids don't care either way. This is the plan for this week

Monday~Chicken Stir Fry (I will bake all the chicken we need for the week today)
Tuesday~Chicken, rice (or pasta) and veggies with enchilada sauce
Thursday~Breakfast for dinner
Friday~Turkey Burgers
Saturday~Chicken Tortilla Soup
Sunday~Pork Tenderloin

Around the House

~List a bunch of stuff on Craigslist
~Get the Fall Decorations out before its too late!
~Usual Weekly Chores
~Work in the boys rooms with extra time

~Still reading Crazy Love
and added Night Circus for something I don't really have to think about to read

Fun Stuff
We are staying home as much as we can, trying to save as much as we can!
But we do have some craft projects that will be Christmas gifts to work on, I know the kids will love that!
And I think we will start working on some Christmas cookie dough this week!


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