20 September 2012

Fall Cleaning.. little bedrooms

I don't know if I would really call it cleaning, but Finnley's room had a few things I have been putting off.
Filling in nail holes, touching up paint, trying to fix a bed skirt. Stuff like that!
I shared his room here, forever ago, when he was still in a crib!
This was really the only picture

It really has changed and like all our rooms here will be changing forever. I am not the type to just go buy to fill a room, I would rather wait until something is perfect!

We ended up getting him this IKEA bed
Wasn't what I want exactly, but the price is not horrible. Just waiting for the iron bed that will be perfect for his room AND our budget. Something like this
But maybe not SO rusty.

The only problem with the Ikea bed is that it makes having a bed skirt nearly impossible, there are slats underneath and the bed skirts just don't lay right, the slats move when you have kids that are for sure jumping on the bed. The bed skirts just move and bunch.
What I ended up doing was using some fabric and some sticky back Velcro to make a "skirt" really its just strips of fabric, not sewn or anything fancy. I probably could have used a bed skirt and cut the pretty part off the center but I already had the fabric.

I also moved some of the wall decorations around, felt like everything was scattered and I wasn't loving it.
I am hoping to get hubby to make a shelf like this, found on Pinterest and just LOVE it!

and I also love this, also from pinterest!

Hubby is already mid project, painting the Ramsey's room so I can't really ask for either of these right this minute, but I can do a bunch of other stuff in Finn's room. 
I will share as I finish stuff up!


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