18 April 2010

Done with Finnley's room, for now anyway!

I can't decide on a paint color! But everything else is as done as it is getting, until I get some more inspiration!

I got the subway art idea from Kat at here is her post on it..She got the idea from tatertots and Jello. I changed it a little, I used brown with vanilla paper and I used the cricut machine to do my words! But I love how it turned out, I used his initials, his birth weight and date, his nickname (little bird, thanks to his big sister) and some other random words and a couple that have other meanings to us! I had a LOT of fun making this and I think it was fun to include his baby stats into it! I like that it is simple but looks good in his room! I am sure I will find something small to go on either side, not sure what exactly, because I don't want to get too much going on, I don't want it to look busy!  Two more pictures of the Subway art, not the crib, and in different lighting.

Ikea dresser.. could they get any more plain in shape? I love how simple the shape is but the fun red color! The picture does NOT do it justice! (we have 2 of this same one we liked it so much!)
When he outgrows his crib ( our other 2 were out of their cribs by about 15 months) I plan on getting THIS bed from Ikea.. I like how simple it is and can go with anything, if for some reason he decides he isn't into cowboy stuff!!
Alright that is it for now.. Any cowboy ish ideas y'all want to share, I would LOVE to hear em!


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