06 September 2012

Back to School Party

As far as grades go, I get a big ol' F for pictures!
I forgot until the last minute and took just a couple before people came over, so they aren't great.

I was going for all the things that made me think of School and Sack lunches. Apples, books, PbnJ, Twinkies and juice boxes but with a kind of retro feel. We don't do anything too perfect here. 
Stole the lockers from the big boys room for the day and the books off the bookshelf.

I usually do pennant banners but I actually am glad I ran out of paper and could only do this, I LOVE it! I just sewed the letters together with some fishing line.

I used the lemon cookie sticks from Cost Plus and some candy melts for the little pencils.
And the white dish has my favorite "Back to School Snack Mix"

TWINKIE Cupcakes (the recipe ALLL over Pinterest) and pencil cookies.

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Taffy

 Please excuse my coffee in the background, I needed about 3 of those!

 Chalkboard with Lunch Steps for brown bag lunches 

Little Favors to go. Pencil Cookies

I love these apple cups! I have another stash just in case some little muffin needs a Snow White Party!

Very lacking in pictures but it was fun! My theory is if no one leaves bleeding it was alright! 
There were about 25 kids there and only 1 lost tooth in the bounce house!


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