19 July 2011

Back to School Snack Mix

Like I was saying the other day, I wanted to change up the caramel apple snack mix and make it more BTS!
So I did, it's half gone, the kids are loving it!

3C Crispix (or chex, whichever you like)
2tsp. butter
first I melt the butter, while it is melting I measure out the cereal
once butter is melted stir it into cereal.
spread cereal out on foil lined cookie sheet
sprinkle with cinnamon
put under broiler a few minutes to make it crunchy (but not burned, like I did the first time)

While the cereal is cooling I mix
2C pretzels (I used sticks cause they reminded me of pencils)
1C peanut butter chips
1C freeze dried apple pieces
3/4C dried cranberries
 ( I wanted to use freeze dried strawberries or raspberries but couldn't find them at the store I was at)
I also forgot to add 1/2C sunflower seed kernels

Once the cereal is cooled I mix everything together!

Keep it in an airtight container so it doesn't get icky!

I am sure I will have to make this again a few times before school starts, but once school starts, I am going to use some free printables and make some cute labels for it!


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