30 July 2012

Weekly Plan.. and new adventure?

I guess you could call it an adventure? 
We are trying Gluten Free to see if it helps clear any of the issues the kids have.
I am new to this and I am sure I will make some mistakes and learn all kinds 
of stuff before we really get it down.

So that is what is new here this week! 
Here is our meal plan (with GF alternatives)

Monday~ Roasted Turkey and Mashed Potatoes 
Tuesday~Chicken or Steak Nachos (whichever we have more of left)
Wednesday~Spaghetti (with brown rice noodles)
Thursday~Turkey Burgers..mmm no buns and fries
Friday~undecided.. something with turkey I'm sure!

Around the House
~Clean more of the outside windows
~Make BTS supplies/clothes lists

Fun Stuff
~Riding Lessons
~MORE Blueberry Picking
~Library Music and Story Time
~More Party Prep
~Hoping my order comes in the mail and I can get my craft on!

NO Errands or Appts this week

~Finish my for fun book
~Find a learning book.. still!  Any recommendations?!


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