22 July 2012

Planning our week

It went alright last week, making my plan for the week and not the day. Let's see how it goes this week!

Monday~Pork Tenderloin and Rice
Tuesday~White Chicken Enchiladas
Wednesday~Chicken Parmesan (kid style, chicken cut into bites before baking) 
Thursday~Turkey Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes
Friday~Salad and Steak Bites
Sunday~Turkey Burgers

Around the House
~Deep Clean Pantry
~Clean Outside of Windows

Fun Stuff
~Riding Lessons
~Berry Picking
~Back to School Party Prep
~Bake some cookies with the littles 
Think we will make these

~Return Audio Books, pick out another
~Grocery Shopping

~You Version Plans
~Still need to pick out a new learning book for me

Overall it's not too busy of a week. I am hoping we can stay home all day Monday and Wednesday. I CANNOT believe 6 weeks until school starts! I swear Summer just started. So much I want to do with the kids still! 
Enjoy your week and send any book recommendations my way!


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