31 May 2012

"Office" update

We don't have a real office and I don't know what I would do in it if we did have one, but we do need an organized place to keep the important stuff. I shared our little office in a cupboard here before. I haven't worked on it much since it went from this

To this

And I have slowly been purging, eliminating and making room for other things (like those cake stands!) in other places. 
Here it is today

The boxes hold stuff that goes together, together. Camera lens and charger with the memory cards.
One box is all letter stuff! Envelopes, cards, stamps, wax seals and the address book!
I was able to pick these up on sale (I need a couple more though)
 and I plan on adding the labels to them soon!

Our most used thing, besides the HMB

These little inexpensive IKEA jars are perfect for holding anything small, batteries, outlet covers, change, thumb drives, safety pins and random screws!
I was hoping t get the lids painted pink today but it's just a little busy round here! On my list of things to do though!


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