30 January 2012

Valentine's for kids!

I really tried not to go overboard on the Valentine' stuff and to wait until 3 weeks before. I seriously think I was seeing Valentine's Posts before Christmas!  Poor January gets no love!

So here we are just a week to go and I still have plenty of time for all the school valentines, treats and parties!
I'm sure many of you have seen a lot of these already, thanks to Pinterest!

But I am sharing my favorites!
These are by far my favorite! If I can find a good deal on full size Rolo's! If not, these would be a cute teacher Valentine!

And I love these with Rolo's also!

"O Fish ally"CUTE!!
NO idea where this came from, but it is SO clever!

These are DARLING and not TOO much candy!


Family Fun
Also Family Fun

We are doing a couple different ones from these this year. I will share them once I get them ready!
I have totally been slacking on Valentines Day this year! I still have pictures to take, not that I did anything new this year! Birthday Party Overload!


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